Tue. Dec 31st, 2019

Message of President Rodrigo Duterte to the Filipinos

Screenshot of President Rodrigo Duterte.


Good day!

In July, we finally enacted the Bangsamoro Organic Law that pave the way to the establishment of the new autonomous region for the Moro minority in Mindanao.

We are at the crucial stage of the peace process, the threat of terrorism still. I, poverty is constant reality in the feeling of neglect is still persistent among Mindanaons.

As a President, and Mindanao, myself, I am witness to the conflict in Mindanao, I am appealing to everyone to take part and active part and  promotion of the Bangsamoro OrganicLaw and in areas of governance and authority.

Let us ratify this law (Bangsamoro Organic Law), and give it a chance, Mindanao deserve its peace, help me realize that aspiration.

So YES to the Bangsamoro Organic Law!

Maraming Salamat.