Mon. Jul 22nd, 2019

Childbearing OFW seeks home from UAE

Sixth month pregnant Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) hide in name “Janey” seeks help to the Philippine Government amidst suffers in pregnancy in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, a reliable source said who kept also to be unnamed.

Janey sent help-letter via email to a government employee, stating that she is expecting to be prisoned after penance, quoted in her letter, “I am very weak and bleeding and I am so afraid.”

She stays a year in UAE to look for job until she met and dwell with another OFW, however she left behind after 6 months of pregnancy.

The pregnant OFW, had no tracked agency in records, deployed in Dubai on April 2018 but missed out the UAE Government’s August 2018 amnesty to OFWs that legalizes staying in the country.

The UAE’s amnesty program conferred last year “that will protect via rectifies status of at least 87,706 undocumented and overstayed OFWs” which ended last October 2018.

Janey believed to be deceived by her boyfriend, she stated in an email, “Pananagutan daw niya ako at babayaran niya amnesty ko makauwe ako ng Pinas pero matapos ang December iniwan niya po ako dito at pinangakuan… pinalaki po niya tiyan ko bago siya umuwi.”

Eng.(“He said that he will be responsible to me and he will pay my amnesty upon my arrival in Philippines [before him] but after December … He left me here and promised … he raised my stomach before he went home.”).

In her letter, Janey disclose her sentiment in compunction to UAE’s Law but all she wanted is “to go home in the Philippines safely with her unborn child.”

The source told this writer, “Janey is not fine in her condition. I will submit tomorrow her complaint to the case officers here.”

Second email sent by Janey to the source and forwarded to this writer Sunday February 3 this year.