Fri. Jul 10th, 2020

Interim BTA gets support from groups

Bangsamoro Transition Authority Youth Representative Marjani Mimbantas talks to youth leaders. (Photo by Deh Saaduddin /

MARAWI CITY (Wednesday, March 6, 2019) – Interim Bangsamoro Transition Authority (BTA) youth representative Marjani Mimbantas receives support from youth organizations in Lanao provinces  in crafting of laws that transitions Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (BARMM).

BTA Mimbantas on Wednesday held consultative assembly in Mindanao State University that has resulted to approximately 300 youth leaders who provided opinions for the crafting of laws in the transition plan during the assembly.

The BTA is administering BARMM until June 30, 2022, however it is uncertain the continuity of their regional governance for a years over transition period, according to Mimbantas.

Mimbantas, son of late Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) Vice Chairman `Aalim Azis Mimbantas, have said, “During the time of my father in MILF, he told me to learn as a key to serve public.”

BTA transition period also initiates other measures including normalization even beyond their term.

In his aim to the continuity of new regional government, Mimbantas told professionals and out-of-school youth to help BTA for the betterment of BARMM government.

“I am Maranao, we are Maranaos, you should be a model as a good leaders,” BTA youth representative told the youth. He then continued, “Everyone is able to help BARMM government like the use of social media by reading and sharing reliable information posted by legitimate agency similar to Office of the Presidential Advisers on the Peace Process social media pages.”

He also said, “We will go around the BARMM’s provinces to collect ideas from other youth organizations in the conduct of consultative assembly.”

Use of Social Media

Social media advocacy has been helpful tool during the BOL campaign before plebiscites, according to the participant youth-serving Lanao Youth Council Inc. head Nasarodin Disoma.

“Social network is become a traditional fad especially to the young peoples engaged in modern technology. We’ve use this as a tool to relief misunderstanding, represent what others concern and express advocacy the same when we campaign for the BOL ratification,” Disoma said.

Social network like Facebook is being used to jot down most of the time what people’s thinking about. Friends in the list of user are able to react and say something to the post.

Disoma said when asked, “Before the BOL plebiscite, most people used social media to share their support after understanding the reliable content posted there.”

Strategic Plan

In transition plan, BTA prioritizing the legislation of Bangsamoro Electoral Code, Bangsamoro Education Code, Bangsamoro Local Government Code and Bangsamoro Revenue Code – which repeals subsisting Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) Local Government Code or “Muslim Mindanao Autonomy Act No. 25” – when enacted.

BARMM Interim Chief Minister Ebrahim Murad told correspondents earlier that the interim government pursues the special programs implemented in the defunct ARMM which includes Humanitarian Emergency Action and Response Team (HEART), Education, Livelihood, Bangsamoro Regional Inclusive Development for Growth and Empowerment and Health, Peace and Governance and Synergy.

The Parliamentary government of Bangsamoro creates “offices for the youth, women, settler communities, disaster risk reduction and management, planning and development, and Bangsamoro Pilgrimage Authority for the matters of ‘Hajj and Umrah.’”

BTA Chief Murad recently held strategic planning session at EM Manor Hotel in Cotabato City which drew the support of the United Nations’ Development Programme.