Mon. Jul 22nd, 2019

Lanao town Brgy. officials withdraws from position

LANAO DEL NORTE (July 9,2019) – An appointed barangay officials of Poona-Punod, Municipality of Pantar, this province are withdrawing their position recently this year after Chairman Cabsaran Alingan heisting the 3-month Internal Revenue Allocation (IRA) fund, said Barangay Treasurer named to be Sultan.

Sultan said, “All of things, he does it personally… I have lost my authority and responsibility because he does it all, also he deducting the honorarium for all officials.”

She added that the barangay’s Secretary Abdullah Saaduddin has submitted voluntarily his resignation to the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) on May 2 this year after Alingan did not obeyed the rule of Law and yelled him.

Poona-Punod is engaging in technology that had built its Barangay Information System made by Saaduddin on August 2 last year. It has a population 1,040 in 2015 which rose to 2.83% from previous 2010 consensus 898, according to Sultan. She added that the monthly IRA of the barangay is P130,000 based from the 2015 consensus.

This year, Sultan said that the population of Poona-Punod grows to 1,870 equivalent to 5.01% growth rate from 2015 which may increase in upcoming 2020 consensus.

Adjacent of the barangay are surrounded by Bangcal, Dibarosan, Lumba-Puno, Panao-Marug, Puno, Sundig-Punod, West Pantar in Municipality of Pantar.

DILG – Municipal Local Government Officer of Pantar said when asked that Alingan have no knowledge on the resignation of appointive officials. She added that he must complies with the 1991 Local Government Code for Barangay mandates.

Section 389 of the Local Government Code of the Philippines provided the powers, duties and function of Barangay executive and officials.

No statement yet from Alingan regarding the 3-month barangay funds after refusing phone calls.

Sultan, while the barangay appointive positions are vacant, remarks that some other councils of the barangay are also eyeing for resignation this year. (Dateliners Staff)