Tue. Nov 5th, 2019

Discrimination against Badjao in Lanao del Norte

How do you feel when you pushed away from a vehicle holding your payment for ride? Here’s a story on how Badjao people looks garbage to racist drivers in Iligan City due to their plight. The story relatively occurs in the teleserye show of ABS-CBN “Sahaya.” This also could be a sounder opinion.

Photos of Badjao people unsure which rides going to Tambo, Iligan City.

Today, Tuesday September 17, 2019, 6 young Badjao people pleading yesterday for ride to Tambo, Iligan City, Lanao del Norte around 4pm to 6pm. Around 34 PUVs refused them to ride even payments will do. Some Iliganon and Maranao people helped them for ride assistance, but the racist driver moved 200m then pulled them out like an innocent little dogs loudmouthed and nudges.
The irrevocable isolation of Badjao people demonstrates ignorance to humanity as most of them were unable to contribute to the revenue of the government. Most of them cannot even read and write but they count coins which one is “5” and “1” pesos. Badjao has formal name called “The Sama Dilaut,” which are among neglected ethnic groups in history of the Philippines. Their life originally in the sea now moved in the streets of urbanized areas showing palms to peoples for alms after wars, piracy, discrimination, fishing and environmental issues abandoned them from boat-dwelling in coastal areas of Mindanao since decades ago.
Temporary residency and social funds for Badjao children may not available even in public property of the government. Badjao people, “The Sea Gypsies,” are very strong in terms of health matter. On the photo, the 2 year old carries by 5 year old child is not comparable to the health protection of our children. He had a natural protection from the heat of the sun, colds of rain, bite of mosquitoes, pollution and other circumstances.
The government has a program for child laborers called “Project Angel Tree” of the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) that expected the eradication of child laborers before 2025 left. The project is funded by the United Nations (UN) thru implementing rules and regulations (IRR) to the Philippine programs against child laborers. 1987 Philippine Constitution includes Badjao as citizen of the country; however, the Philippine born Badjao children on the photos had no place, a stateless, to be part of the program for their community’s future outcomes in Lanao del Norte. Almost 90% Badjao children in the streets of Iligan City are extremely in hazardous works.
Bajao can sing, dance, draw, and speak multiple languages of Sama-Bajao subgroup of the Western Malayo-Polynesian language. Over 90% of them are Muslims, 4% Christians and 6% have no religion. Among the Christian is the Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) housemate Rita Gaviola who shown the importance of love of family and friends.