Fri. Jul 10th, 2020

Amid Covid-19, quarantine violators rising: Duterte coerces Martial Law

Image contain: President Rodrigo R. Duterte

Video screenshot of President Rodrigo R. Duterte addressing the nations via Youtube live stream.

LANAO DEL NORTE (April 16, 2020) – Amid Coronavirus Disease (Covid-19) and Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) violators rising, President Rodrigo R. Duterte in his briefing Thursday night said that he will order the military to take over quarantine protocols like Martial Law.

President Duterte in his address, “First at last [term] ko to… I am just asking for your disiplina kasi pag ayaw niyo,… magtake over ang police pati military. I am ordering now the military to be ready [for Martial Law]. Sila na mag-enfore ng social distancing at yang curfew.” He continued, “ayaw ko pero pagka naipit ang bayan at walang disiplina kayo. Dibali na wala akong paki…”

(This is my first and last [terms of office]… I am just asking for your discipline because if you don’t want to [obey]… Military and police will take over… I am ordering them now to be ready [for Martial Law]. They will enforce social distancing and a curfew.” He continued, “But I don not want to [declare Martial Law] but when the country stuck here [epidemic crisis] and you still have no discipline. I don’t care…)

In a GMA chyron during Duterte briefing, it was written “Pres. Duterte: Kayong mga nagsasabong at nag-iinuman, mukhang may pera kayo. Hindi ko kayo tutulungan” while President threatening to pummel caught quarantine violators upon their complain against cases filed by police.

Duterte told violators from TV, “Lahat tayo, pati ako parang taga Bilibid [jail]… ngayon pumunta kayo sa akin at magpa-ospital ka… ginusto mo yan…” he continued, “pumunta kayo sa akin at magreklamo? sampakin ko kayo, talagang sasampakin ko kayo.”

(All of us, including myself are like jailed.. Now, you came to me to take you to hospital… You chose that.) – (you got to me for complain? I’m going to hit you, I really wanted to hit you.)

The Commander-in-Chief on TV begs to people to obey the quarantine protocols preventing the spread of the virus while another chyron popped-up on same channel saying, “Pres. Duterte: I have to admit it, this quarantine is a cruel action of the government. Kahit ako, nasasaktan.”

CNN reported Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque said that there is a possibility of “total lockdown” enforcement in rensponse to the sutained rise of Covid-19 and Filipinos violating stay-at-home protocols.

Covid-19 has no specific vaccine as of this date to cure infected people in the country. Duterte enforces quarantine protocols as a panacea to stop the spread of the pandemic.

He hopes that “this dilemma that we are facing now will end soon.” He recommends to “call help from Almight God to have mercy on His people” as government will lift quarantine rule after virus antidote found.